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- since 1998 with people and their needs


The “One and One” Foundation was established in 1998, to support families with many children, the sick elderly, alone and with very low pensions.

For the first 11 years, the “One and One” Foundation prepared and distributed a hot lunch every day, for more than 150 people, at the Social Canteen, from Sfânta Ecaterina Nr.2 Street.

For over five years, every day, with the help of 42 volunteers, we have been collecting food offered by our partners, from over 20 shops and restaurants in Bucharest.

More than 700 people from Bucharest, Ilfov, Giurgiu and Dâmbovița, in difficulty due to hunger and poverty, receive through the care of our Foundation: food, clothes, shoes and supplies.

The foundation organizes "collections" in money, on this site, or on the "Bursa Binelui", to help families  from anywhere in Romania, because "any money is welcome."

We are trained to respond now, in these times of terrible despair, to those who fear for tomorrow and ask for our help.

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Brief history

The "One and One" Foundation was founded in 1998 by Mr. Nuțu Anghelina, at that time a deacon at the “Sfânta Ecaterina” University Chapel and administrative director of the “Justinian Patriarch” Faculty of Orthodox Theology, in Bucharest.


Nuţu Anghelina


Canteen Dining Room

For more than 10 years, with the blessing of Father Patriarch Teoctist, the charity "One and One", from the Canteen of the Faculty of Theology offered daily, a hot lunch for 150 people in need: families with many children, the elderly and the sick .

The settlement had a butchery, a bread and pastry factory and a wheat mill with a capacity of approx. 7000 kg of flour per day.

The bakery

The bakery


The Butchery

Subsequently, the building of the Faculty of Theology, in the basement of which the activity of the charity was organized, entered an extensive process of reconsolidation, and the activity of the social canteen ceased.

However, the Foundation continued to support the social assistance programs carried out at the level of several parishes and monasteries in Bucharest, offering them the necessary goods (work tables, stoves, cold rooms, pots, plates, cutlery, etc.).



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