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Sponsorship Expenses

Thank you for choosing the “One and One” FOUNDATION for the redirection of 20% of the income tax.

By Law no. 30/2019, the Fiscal Code (approved by Law No. 227/2015) was amended so that, at Art. 25 paragraph 4, letter I, it is provided that: the sponsorships decrease the related amounts from the profit tax due at the level of the minimum value for:

• The value calculated by applying 0.5% to turnover.


• The amount representing 20% ​​of the profit tax due.

♦ The micro-enterprises that carry out sponsorships deduct 20% of the income tax of the micro-enterprises, due for the quarter in which they registered the respective expenses.

♦   The amounts that are not deducted from the profit tax are carried forward for the next 7 consecutive years. The recovery of these amounts will be carried out in the order of their registration, under the same conditions, at each term of payment of the profit tax.

♦   The amounts related to them are deducted from the profit tax due, only if the beneficiary of the sponsorship is registered, at the date of concluding the sponsorship contract, in the Register of religious entities / units for which tax deductions are granted.

♦   Register of religious entities / units for which tax deductions are granted is organized by the A.N.A.F., is public and is displayed on the A.N.A.F.

“One and One” FOUNDATION (C.I.F. 10319482)

is registered since 2019 in

“Register of cult entities / units for which tax deductions are granted”, according to Decision 2218844 / 05.04.2019.

Your sponsorship will be deducted directly from profit tax or income tax.