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The Alice House project: retirement homes

Let’s give back to our parents for they have provided for us.



Dependency affects over 43% of those over 85 and the needs of this population are very important. According to the Romanian Alzheimer's Society, there are now approximately 300,000 people in Romania suffering from Alzheimer's, and/or dementia. It is estimated that their number will triple by 2025.

Casa Alice

Families facing this problem fail to ensure the safety of the loved one, to provide the necessary the necessary care, to find reliable professionals, activities adapted for their parents.

We have specialists from France who provide us with know-how and their experience, as France has the largest population of elderly people and the most retirement homes of Europe.

We want to create a highest quality residence for dependent seniors to ensure the safety, care and quality of life.

We already have the land, plans and skills. What need now is your help to finance the first residence for dependent seniors. Our parents deserve this!

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