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- since 1998 with people and their needs


Huge amounts of food are thrown away every day, often not even recycled and therefore toxic for the environment.

The concern for STOPPING FOOD WASTE can be read on hundreds of pages of EUROPEAN UNION, which recommend the free distribution of all food before the deadline.

The excess of food products, which are close to their expiration date, is the problem of any producer or trader, being prohibited from selling it, and pays a considerable amounts to specialized companies, if properly disposed of.

For anyone who ignores this reality, the fines of the ENVIRONMENTAL GUARD are also overwhelming.

However, we COLLECT FOR FREE all food products, which are close to their expiration date and distribute them immediately to the over 700 in need that we care for.

For more than five years, the VOLUNTEERS of the “One and One” Foundation have been feeding daily, with the food offered by our PARTNERS, many families on the brink of subsistence, many lonely old people, sick and with very low pensions.

We transport and distribute food on the same day!