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Our project of the soul, by which we want to contribute to the improvement of hunger and poverty, on account of stopping food waste, is based on the generous offer of 42 VOLUNTEERS, kind people, willing to provide their time and resources , to help their peers in need and to reduce a huge source of pollution.

Anyone who agrees with the conditions of this project, can become a VOLUNTEER, on account of a volunteer contract, concluded with the "One and One" Foundation.

Each VOLUNTEER has access, through the WhatsApp Group "One and One", to the information regarding the place and time when the stores or partner restaurants deliver the products available for our program.

VOLUNTEERS travel to the partner stores, with the cars provided by the Foundation, or with their own cars and have the freedom to personally provide food to the beneficiaries for whom they have chosen to do this honorable mission.

VOLUNTEERS communicate, after each action, on WhatsApp, the notices that accompanied the food donated by the partners, and monthly they write an Activity Report.

We look forward to seeing you in our family of VOLUNTEERS.

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